Monday, January 9, 2012

Wild Animal

Wild Animal.


Clay and paint.

This was done for an AEP assignment given by Mrs Tan in Sec 2! (: I remembered that it was really fun doing this, and the end result was satisfying and not satisfying at the same time. I was quite surprised that this small sized sculpture turned out to be quite heavy!

I cannot find the prep work that I did before making this animal. ): It was inspired by quite a few things: mushroom, panda, giraffe,elephant, an octopus, a rabbit and a magic hat! Its body is supposed to be shaped like a mushroom. The main colour of its body(black and white) follows the colour of the panda's body. One of the mushroom like antenna at the top of his head(beside the hat) was inspired by a cartoon giraffe. It has elephant ears, octopus arms and rabbit feet! Yup, so it was quite a weird combination of different animals, but that was the point of the assignment -- to produce a wild and weird animal.

It was satisfying as I thought that I had made my wild animal look what I want it to look like --> cute and confused! Well, it looks really lost or surprised by something! Its eyes are like practically popping out and its mouth is open! I guess I was quite satisfied with my moudling of the forms so as to "put the expression on its face". It also had a fat and chubby look to add to its cuteness!

What I was not so satisfied about was the fact that I never added the paint which gives the surface a glossy and shiny texture(well, I forgot what was the material used to colour the animal called), so when the animal came out of the kilm, some parts were glossy and most parts were not! ): Mrs Tan said that the glossy wax will run off the surface of round parts easily and since most of my animal is round, it became quite a crazy mix of glossy parts and non-glossy parts...Some coloured parts also peeled off after I transported the animal home. I should have taken more time to slowly and carefully colour the animal, so that the colour and gloss will stay on the animal. I remembered that I kind of rushed to colour this, which I deeply regretted. Lesson learnt --> Be patient when you colour a clay figure!!!!!

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