Friday, January 13, 2012

Digital drawing

                                                           Paint Tool SAI

Yeah so this was done last year in an attempt to try out digital drawings. Kind of inspired by Kimberley and Yi Yuan's digital drawings so I decided to try. (:

Well, this was drawn using the markers tool in SAI. I am not sure if I used airbrush tool but I think I did.

I realised that digital drawing may not work for me as I can't stare at the computer for so long! >.< My eyes hurt and I am really lousy at controlling the bamboo tablet that my mum brought home for me from her office. The tablet is somewhat faulty as it is unresponsive, which further decreases my motivation to do art on the computer! Well, I cannot really get how the blending works on the computer...>.< I guess I am better off with traditional medium! However, I guess I should attempt digital again as there are pros to digital art--> YOU CAN UNDO whenever you make a mistake! (: It is not like watercolour where you can easily screw up the whole painting when you add too much water or add the wrong colour. ):

By the way, the girl looks creepy and ghostly. >.<

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