Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DREAMING :D My second oil painting

                                                  2011, during the December holidays

                                                                   Oil on Canvas

Yay yay so this is my second oil painting done in the art studio! (: I really like it! (: It gives off a really dreamy effect which makes the cardboard figure/robot look like it is hoping for something! I chose this picture as I thought that the sky is challenging to paint and I want to take up the challenge!

Well, this time, I came to the art studio prepared! I had my picture printed! So this was the original picture...I forgot where I found it online but Pang Xin says that it can be found on deviantart...

PERSONAL REVIEW: I really like the way I rendered the colours of the dreamy sky! (: I feel that the colours are somewhat well blended to give the sky a sense of ambiguity and somewhat an impressionistic feeling?! Well, sensei said that the sky reflected the robot's thoughts, like the robot has colourful thoughts but he is confused, so the sky is blurred. (: The colours of the sky are the main highlight of the painting to me! (: I think I brought out the hopeful feelings of the robot quite well with the sky! The colours of my painting seem to be brighter than the original picture and I like it! (: It was a challenge to paint the sky and I think I managed quite well! (: The blending was done quite greatly! I also think that the shades of purple of the window frame(is that what you call it?) that the robot is on are done pretty smoothly. There are varying shades by controlling the amount of blue and red in each type of purple! (: Well, I mixed different shades of red and blue to experiment with the combinations that blue and purple can make! I think that the experiment went quite well... I was also quite daring to apply light blue directly onto the canvas when I thought that the shade of the purple is a little too reddish! Well, if you look closely at the purple shades, the one of the purple shades contain a tinge of blue, like some blue strokes can be visible as it is mixed directly on the canvas. Well, oils are suitable for people who are daring, so never be afraid to experiment with oils even directly on your canvas! (:

However, after I posted the original picture on this blog post, I realised that the robot in my painting is elongated and tall! O.O Ah, proportion is wrong. >.< Should have corrected the proportion when I was doing the charcoal sketch! The stars in the sky are too big! It is like gigantic compared to the original picture and I feel that it may be a little bit overwhelming! O.O I feel that the painting lacks the "purple feel" that it has in the original picture. Maybe I should have painted a very very very light coat of violet after the whole thing dries completely? Hmm, but now my painting is hanging at home and I wouldn't want to bring it back to the art studio again. Shall just leave it like that. I also feel that the robot's colours are a little out of place. They are actually very far from the colours of the original picture's robot! I guessed that I could have observed the different colours better and mixed a better colour! The colour of the body seems really wrong as the shade is really different from the colours of the head. Or is it the head that has the wrong colour? Well, now the cardboard robot does not really look like a cardboard robot but "just a robot". It has lost the original cardboard feel plus the fact that I had forgotten to write the "amazon" word on the robot, it really does not look like it is made out of cardboard. But I think that the colours are not well-combined to produce a decent colour. Oh my, I just realised that the robot does not have a shadow! >.< I have to be more observant towards the things around me so that I can depict them properly through my art!

LEARNING POINTS: Well, I learnt how to paint things that give off a dreamy look! (: The sky was applied in lots of layers! Well, the base colour is not even painted using oils but acrylic! (: I added yellow and orange with a sponge in a really thin layer to cover up the entire painting. It really looks like a Fauvist painting at first, as the colours are all together and arbitary. Well, the good thing about acrylic is that it dries really really fast on canvas so I can start painting the oils after washing the sponge! :D The sky was painted in a few colours first as the bottom layer in "playful circular strokes" before blending in the white with my finger! This layering technique was suggested by sensei and I thought that it was really really good! At first, I was quite lost as I didn't know how to approach the sky, but just a simple suggestion can make a difference! (:

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