Friday, January 13, 2012

Math Revision Booklet Cover Design (:

Yay! (: This was done with Small Shu Hui and Tze She during the december holidays! Well, Mrs Ng asked if I want to design the math revision book cover before EOYs so I said ok, then I dragged two AEP friends with me! :D Well, 3 brains are always better than one!

Well, actually we did one for upper and lower secondary, ok, it was just one design created and we just changed the words from "upper" to "lower". HAHA :D

This was inspired by foolscap paper. Like a typical type of tabletop scene when you are gonna do math. You have a piece of foolscap paper in front of you and math instruments on your table.

Hmm, just went to talk to Mrs Ng just now and got some feedback about it. Well she said that it issomewhat too cluttered. I agree. There are a lot of things going on and I do not detect a focal point of the design. Maybe we should have added something big and striking as a main focus of the design? Well, maybe we could have altered the instruments' size to create contrast in size?

Well, but I think that we produced quite a decent design in a short span of a few hours, cos we spent the rest of the day talking about random stuff. (:

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