Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Sec 3 AEP SIA!


 We are supposed to hold an exhibition and carry out an art activity at a public place. Well, it was supposed to be "ART FOR THE COMMUNITY". So we decided to have our exhibition and art activity at a hospital (after considering a few other places)!

In the end, we our proposal was accepted by Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) so we worked hard to make this whole thing a success! Well, even though it is not exactly a full art exhibition, I guess it is  still somewhat an art exhibition that should be documented! To me, this was a very meaningful art exhibition paired with an art activity as it was organised by us for the public(: And it was an art exhibition that was not in a museum haha. :D

For our art activity, we decided to teach the public how to fold paper origami(hearts and cranes) and we will ask them to write their well wishes for the patients on them. The origami will then be collected and passed to the patients after our activity.

So here are the photos:

So this was the starting of our art activity. When we had just set up the tables and laid out our stuff...
We're still practising how to fold the origami cranes and hearts! The woman in purple is Miss Michelle! She is the nice person who we contacted from TTSH! (: I think she is teaching Xin Yu how to fold tulips or something.

Haha, this is our activity poster! (: We finished it in the mac lab the day before our art activity! (: And that is Lee Shu Hui posing behind our poster hahaha! (: Our exhibition of kimonos is just behind(:

After we set up our booths, we were kind of shy at first but then people who passed by our booth got curious and approched us. (:

                                We have got "customers" from different age group and races! (:

We had collected quite a number of origami pieces like after 2 hours prior to the start of our activity!

Yay, so shortly after lunch, 201'09's math teacher Mrs Ng came! (: With her 2 daughters and 2 nephews(: Then the number of origami pieces tremendously increased! They folded loads of different types of origamis and even taught us how to fold flowers and others! Well, shortly after Mrs Ng arrived, Mr Robertson arrived with his wife! But we never took photos of them...O.O Sorry Mr Robertson!!! >.<

                                                Pretty flower that one of the kids folded! (:

Cute rabbit that one of the kids folded! (: (: I remembered that frogs were folded too! (: And one of Mrs Ng's nephews folded some person and his clothes!

                             The variety of origami significantly increased in the afternoon! (:

This girl stayed at our booth for like around 2 hours! (: She is one cheeky kid. XD Well, Mrs Ng's kids stayed for like practically the whole afternoon! (:

Yay, so our activity ended late in the afternoon! (: It has been a fruitful day which concluded with a box filled with origami paper cranes and hearts (and limited editions of animals and flowers and shapes!). This box was passed to Miss Michelle who will then help us pass the origami to the patients in the hospital. (:

Yup so planning this whole thing was really tiring but I'm glad that it turned out well! (: I hope that when the patients receive the origami, it will brighten that little bit of their day! Well, I guessed that we worked really hard prior to the commencement of our exhibition and activity! Haha, I remembered that 2 days before the setting up of our exhibition, Xin Yu and I literally camped overnight at Sharon's house to complete our kimonos! And Sharon's dog is a little scary, it kept staring at me when I was working on the kimono at 1am. O.O Anyway, special thanks to Mr Robertson, Miss Michelle from TTSH and especially my groupmates! (: I hope that this journey had been memorable for all 4 of you guys as it had been for me! (: Well, I am not going to copy and paste my AEP reflections from last year, but well, I guessed that teamwork is indeed important for this whole process as 5 brains work better than 1 ! (: And we need more than 1 person to set up the kimonos at TTSH! Oh and thanks to Sharon's dad for helping us with the transportation and set up! (:

Well, everything can't be put into one post...but still...(: If I were to embark on this project again, I guess that we could have worked better with more time management! Or else we have to camp at Sharon's house and get stared at by her dog. O.O


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  2. Haha, last year's SIA was really tiring but the results were worthy of our hard work :D Still, I totally agree with the need of improvement in time management >< A lot of things could have been done earlier and better instead of being rushed through at the last minute, like the event posters and our individual kimonos.

    Do you have the photos that we used for our SIA presentation? Can send the file to me? I want to write an entry on this project too :>

  3. Also, it was a good idea to have our exhibition in the middle of the atrium so that the viewers had a 360 degree view of our kimonos. Our designs on the back of the kimonos would have been wasted if they were to be exhibited against a wall. But i think the barricade could be better enforced to prevent kids from entering the exhibition area. As a piece from my kimono was stolen, this would have ensure minimal damage to our exhibits.

  4. Good job to everyone :D the difficulties we encountered in the process of holding the exhibition certainly required some spontaneity. I think we did well in facing those challenges like shifting the kimonos when they were in an undesirable location, helping each other out when we tried to teach the people at TTSH how to make the kimonos etc etc.

    It's kinda marvelous how the exhibition turned out well. Not perfect but still good.