Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Impressionist exhibition of Musee d'Orsay


National Museum of Singapore


Group Photo outside the national museum! Well, we are about to enter the world of the impressionists! (: Sharon, Xin Yu, both Shu Hui(s), Tze She, Cai Wen and Grace(not in photo) decided that we will go to the impressionists' exhibition together on a nice Saturday morning! (:  

I wonder why the exhibition is titled "Dreams & Reality"... To me, the title suits a Surrealism exhibition as the surrealists explore dreams and the surreal world.

"Venus in Paphos" by Jean-Auguste Dominque INGRES. This painting is definitely not considered to be impressionistic, but it is one of the first few paintings that we see when we step into the museum. The figure portrayed is distorted--her back is too curved and her neck forms a strange angle with her left shoulder. According to the write-up, the body and the gaze of the woman "brings about a strange eroticism, somewhere between dream and reality" to this hybrid work. Well, she looks unnatural and her body seems tensed.

"The Birth of Venus" by Alexandre CABANEL.

Ah the time now is kind of late and I shall post more tomorrow!

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