Monday, January 9, 2012

Visit to the Louvre!!!! (:

The Exhibition in the Louvre(:


Well, I visited the Louvre with my family during the June holidays in 2011. It was a really eye-opening experience! It was like travelling back in time and reviving the Renaissance Period! The architecture of the Louvre is simply maginificent (it feels like a Renaissance building) and the Louvre is really really really HUGE!!!! O.O Well, it is quite impossible to finish walking the Louvre in one day as you will get really really tired after walking for a few hours and it feels like information overload(although we are just looking at paintings).

I like how the building gives off a very traditional castle-like impression. It is like telling us that inside this building, the works that are displayed belonged to the old masters!
It was not a weekend and yet there were so many people coming to visit it! On the weekends it will be like bombarded with more and more people!

This was taken when I was "inside" the Louvre pyramid. It is amazing how simple geometric shapes can be formed into a huge glass pyramid with the necessary engineering. To me, something beautiful can be as simple as this pyramid, it does not have to be detailed. It is actually one of the iconic architectural features of the Louvre!!!


This was one of the first sculptures that I saw. The sculpture's muscles are carefully moulded into shape so as to portray a heroic figure like what most of the Renaissance masters try to do. A typical god-like representation of the human body during the Renaissance period.

THE WINGED VICTORY OF SAMOTHRACE!!! I like the first picture (the back view). It looks like the sculpture is going to fly up to the sky and wind is blowing at it. (:

Christanity is a common subject matter depicted by Renaissance masters.

Cool architecture! I like the perspective of this picture! It looks like it is never ending! Well, the corridors in the Louvre are really LONG! O.O

Ok, it was just a very very very small painting! Everyone was crowding around it and it was not really visible from a distance, so me and my sister squeezed squeezed squeezed our way through the crowd to take just a decent photo of it. Well, it has barricades around it with guards and all so no one can get really close to the painting. I think the nearest person to it is also around 1 metre away from the painting...

This is only like a small part of the gigantic wall which Mona Lisa was mounted on...The wall is so big that I think it can hold up like more than 100 Mona Lisa paintings...The rest of the wall is it is like small Mona Lisa on a big wall.

A really vicious and dramatic painting! The figures are posed in a dramatic way which brings out the heroic character of the figure at the top. Colours used are mainly warm which contributes to the heroism of this piece.

The colour scheme is warm and pure, conveying a sense of pureness and virtue in the painting. It seems saint-like, with the glowing light and the fair skin tones of the human figures. Are they gods?

War --> another common subject matter of Renaissance artists! I realised that a lot of red is being used in Renaissance paitings. Maybe it symbolises royalty?

I forgot the title of this piece, but it is the scence of Napoleon's crowning, if I am not wrong. I think we learnt this before in sec 1. This painting is GIGANTIC and it covered a massive space on the wall. I think it is at least 2 stories high! The size shows the important significance of Napoleon's crowning! The painting is so detailed! The fur on the people's clothes can even be seen! Light,realistic and smooth brushstrokes were used! I wonder how long it took the artist to paint the painting. O.O


(: I remember these paintings from sec 1! (:

Shall continue tomorrow.... (:

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