Sunday, March 18, 2012


Medium: Acrylic and Pastel

Well, I was running out of time, so I decided to use pastel for the large areas(the sand in the hourglass, the candle wax, the light from the flame, and the black surroundings).

Prep work for composition:

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the finished product and my prep! (: Hard work pays off! However, I could have experimented with the acrylic more as I only have one page of coloured prep work... I could have refined the details on the final piece too!(If I had more time). Would have done better if I had more practice on the handling of acrylic.

MEANING OF MY WORK: The artwork is supposed to portray the journey towards success and not only success itself. I personally feel that the journey is more important than success itself, as we can learn a lot on the way towards success! Reaching the goal is just a small achievement, tackling the obstacles along the way is more fulfilling!  

Will post the rest of my prep when I have the time. (:

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