Friday, March 16, 2012

Character Design in Sec 1 (:

                                                Basketballie and Minton(2009)
                                               Medium: Poster Colour on A3 Drawing Block

Basketballie is the one whih looks like a basketball and Minton is the one that looks like a shuttlecock. I was a very very sporty person at that time so I based my character design on sports! (: This is for me to reminiscent the 2 very sporty years of my secondary school life.
Art is inspired by our very own lives, by what we believe in, by what we see, by what we feel and by what we love.

Oops, basketballie got smudged the day before the assignment is due... :/

Blogger decided to flip the image when I uploaded it... >< Urgh. Anyway this is a page that shows the emotions of these imaginary characters. Cartoons have feelings too!!
To tell the truth, I like basketballie more! (: Well, I was a basketballer so I would prefer this character. And the roundness of Basketballie makes her look so cute! Haha (:


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