Saturday, March 24, 2012

Annie Leibovitz

I shall dedicate one post to this photographer! (: As an aspiring photographer(ok, I am not that good >.<), I really look up to her as my role model. She is the first photographer that I ever took notice of! I went to her exhibition- A Photographer's Life, 1990–2005. I even bought post cards of her works(but I can't find them now) :(

She is a skilled yet controversial photographer. Some of her works may seem shocking at first! Here are some photos which really striked me when I first saw them in the exhibition!

My all time favourite Nicole Kidman photo! (: Saw this at Art Ateg 2012! I always feel awed at the golden lighting of this photo.

Photo of Queen Elizabeth II. My dad told me that she had angered the queen by asking the queen to take her crown off!(Well, she eventually did anyway)

This made the cover page of the magazine Vanity Fair. It was a controversial photo at that time!

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