Saturday, March 24, 2012

Illustration Artists(:

Went to Kinokuniya and chanced upon a book full of illustrations of modern artists.

                                                                         Yosuke Ueno

Her style resembles the Pop Surrealists' style! But not as morbid as Mark Ryden's(read post on Mark Ryden to get a better idea!). Her subject matters are more innocent-looking, carefree and cheerful. There is still distortion and exaggeration in her works, with arbitary colours. Her colour palette is bright and colourful, adding to the spontaneity of her works!

                                                                            Adolie Day
I think she specialises in computer graphics! (: Common subject matter: girls. The girls look so sweet!

Juri Ueda
The colour appears is diluted, like water colour. However, there is the tinge of innocence and naiveness in her work, with the girls' big eyes and angelic looks. Her works are gentle- both the subject matter and the colours are, which makes the works aesthetically pleasing! The colours are smoothly blended, which adds to the softness of her works. The girls in her works are surrounded by fantasy, which hints at childlike innocence. Her works are subtle and quiet, but they are imaginative. She is my favourite artist in this post! (:

Candy Bird

Another artist who likes to portray girls. I realise that different artists have different styles of portraying girl figures and each portrayal conveys a different feeling!

Her style is quite different from the rest of the artists in this post. It is bold and daring, with varying thickness of outline. The contours of the forms are defined sharply by the use of bold lines. It is graffiti style, and forms are cartoonized.

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