Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspirational (:

                                       The Nature of Implicity(2012)  - Mary Ann Wakeley
Bold use of colours in the abstract painting. Exploring the notion of simplification and abstraction with contrasting colours of different degrees of dilution.

                                                                  Jonathan Bergeron.
                                            His website:
I like how he manipulates the forms and morphs different, unrelated objects to form one whole recognisable thing. His creativity is wicked! Imaginative...
     It is like replacing the eyes with button-like objects.

Art made from paper. (:
It shows how paper can be used to form cool sculptures too!!!!
All paper sculptures by Su Blackwell(she is added to the list of my favourite artists now!) Such intricate and detailed stuff. Such a genius(and one with loads of patience)! She takes books and turn them into art that is extraordinary!

"I often work within the realm of fairy tales and folklore. I began making a series of book-sculpture, cutting-out images from old books to create three-dimensional dioramas, and displaying them inside wooden boxes.
”For the cut-out illustrations, I tend to lean towards young-girl characters, placing them in haunting, fragile settings, expressing the vulnerability of childhood, while also conveying a sense of childhood anxiety and wonder. There is a quiet melancholy in the work, depicted in the material used, and choice of subtle colour.
Paper has been used for communication since its invention; either between humans or in an attempt to communicate with the spirit world. I employ this delicate, accessible medium and use irreversible, destructive processes to reflect on the precariousness of the world we inhabit and the fragility of our life, dreams and ambitions."
-Su Blackwell
More pretty art from:

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