Friday, September 14, 2012

Freedom of Expression

Done during one of the earlier AEP practical lessons this year cos I had no practically no idea what I should do for my coursework. So I was playing around with different mediums found in the art room as experimentations! (: Mainly playing with the idea of abstract art, colours and randomness.

MEDIUM: Mixed Media (Ink, Water, Wires, Paint, Toilet Paper, Drawing Block and Coloured paper)

 This was the very first piece. It was created by dropping ink and then dropping drops of water onto the paper, and slanting the paper to create trails of diluted ink.

 Decided to use bolder and brighter colours. Sprayed water onto the paper to create the "splashing" effect and it can also allow the inks to spread to cover a wider area on the paper. Don't know what got into my mind but decided to tear strips of toilet paper and cut wires to stick onto the paper, to create a textural effect.

Got bored of white, plain drawing block and decided to explore the use of positive and negative space. So I got a few pieces of black A3 coloured paper and a big big bucket of acrylic paint. Dipped the brush into the paint and then moving my arm randomly over the piece of paper, watching paint drip onto the paper. It is like Jackson Pollock's works (: (On a smaller scale). Splashed ink on top of the dried acrylic to create a coloured effect. The dry acrylic popped out of the piece of paper by the way, creating textures in the work! (:

The result of me and Sharon's combined effort! (: My favourite piece out of the 4, due to the bright warm, yellow and red tones. We worked in a cyclical way, and the big lumps are formed by pausing our brush over an area to let more paint drip onto the paper. It was a very carefree way of doing art. I like it (:

Well, I would like to create more works like this in the future. I thought that it can help to relieve stress and the products actually turned out quite nicely! (: This messy style of working is quite different from my usual style as I would often draw and paint my forms carefully. Although these works lack a significant subject matter, it is just created on impulse and it is done in a very expressive manner(which I like!). I thought that I could have done more experiments and that I could have used a wider range of materials to enhance my works! I wanted to use spray paint but I didnt. Well, I thought that the inks on black paper had the efect of spray paint so I guess it's ok. I like how the different materials interact with one another to form an entire composition! (:

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