Friday, September 14, 2012

Basketball Player Sculpture

MEDIUM: Wire, Plaster, Spray Paint
DATE: 2010

A sec 2 assignment which I dug out from the storeroom today. We are supposed to create a sculpture of a sportsperson in action and I chose to create the form of a basketball player in action(haha for obvious reasons!!).

We first had to create the form of the sculpture using wires. I had great difficulties twisting the wires to create the necessary forms as it was my first time working with wires(suffered from cuts and bruises). Nevertheless, it was a great experience! Then after we finished working on the form, we had to cut plaster strips into small little squares before sticking them onto the wire base. We use water to glue the plaster strips together. (:
The last part is to paint the sculpture. I painted the sculpture with black paint, before dripping green and white paint onto the sculpture like Jackson Pollock! (: To add a finishing touch, I sprayed my sculpture with white spray paint.


                                      Close up on the painterly patterns on the sculpture:

I thought that the white spray paint made the sculpture look like it grew mould. >.< But it also gave it a frosty look! (: At first there was a base for the sculpture, but it was removed cos it had to be exhibited along with the rest of the sculptures. So it cannot stand on its own now. ):

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