Friday, May 18, 2012

What constitudes a true artist?

Is it the talent?
Is it the passion?
Is it the devotion?
Is it the effort?
Is it the quality of works produced?
Is it the end quality or the product?

or is it the mindset?

Pondering about this.


  1. Define a true artist first~~~
    but then, the passion, effort and devotion are probably more important than the quality. and if you have the passion and devotion... the quality of work will improve anyways as it will motivate you t put in more effort right~? regardless of the talent at first~! ^^
    mindset... well even different artist have mindsets right~? xD but i guess they should share the determination to express themselves and excel in art xD

  2. Its a little of... everything i guess. Talent contributes to the quality of the work and creativity is important too. Without passion, where's the inspiration? And without devotion, how can any artwork be produced? I would say that anyone who can do art is an artist, so the question should be, what is art?