Sunday, April 1, 2012

A career as an artist

I am bored from studying physics...shall just write what is on my mind now(:

Personally, I admire people who chose to be an artist as their lifelong career. No matter what type, what kind of work they produce, I believe that they should be respected. It takes a lot of courage to pursue art as a career as the journey of being an artist is a rocky one, one that is full of surprises and obstacles. There are so many so called 'more stable jobs' out there, like being an engineer, banker, accountant, why be an artist? It is like taking a risk and facing the odds willingly.

Art may not necessarily be the best job to take to earn money, in some cases, artists do art without earning money(like mr mike chang). I admire this type of artist as I feel that someone should do art because they like art, not because they want to earn money. However, in reality, we have to have an income or else we may just end up in poverty... @_@ but there are still artists out there who do art to express themselves and ignore what the public says about heir art. It takes a lot of courage to churn out art pieces that may not be well received by society, and I feel that we should at least appreciate and acknowledge their courage. In order to be an artist in today's society, where the notion of art is constantly morphing and changing, artists must have a strong mentality and most importantly, a strong burning passion for art. If artists are so such expressive beings with a strong soul, why are artists looked down upon? Doctors, architects, lawyers are careers which are recognized and respected, but why not artists? I strongly think that artists should be more respected as they have the courage to stand up against tradition.

If everyone is an engineer, an accountant, a teacher, a surgeon...and there are no artists around, won't the world just lose its color and vibrancy? I believe that art is what keeps the world thinking and questioning as people will be pondering over the meanings of controversial art. Art is what keeps our world alive.

So artists are important, as they ensure that creativity and the freedom of expression does not die down.

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  1. Very well written~^^ and its some stuff i think about and can never put into words properly ^^"
    Well, i share your views... but to answer your question about why artist are not as appreciated as say... doctors or lawyers... i guess its... that kind of job that is... how do i say it in english (奢侈)like, its something that you can only afford to enjoy or afford to have this kind of "job for people's spiritual enjoyment" exist only when people's food, health, safety and other basic living requirements are met and protected (by doctors and lawyers and stuff), its... a secondary need, and not a primary requirement for living, so therefore its not deemed as important.

    ALTHOUGH. rt is a primary requirement for ME to live already xD maybe i should consider becoming an artist~~
    Ah that come out confusing I hope i got my point across ^^"