Monday, April 30, 2012

AEP Sec 2 EOY (:

Me, Myself and I

This is not the real copy of the original...It is the second version. Cos the first version was attacked by water and the watercolour was badly smudged...So I repainted this work(Well, at that time I had a lot of time cos I was resting at home for recovery purposes).

Looking back now, that work really meant a lot to me at that time cos it was like a self reflection then. The work makes use of symbolism, and the main objects inside are the basketball, paintbrush and poker cards(the whole painting is framed like a poker card). It reflects what I really loved at that time. Basketball - no words can describe my feelings towards it...even until now, watching a game of basketball makes my adrenaline rush and my heart will start to beat rapidly. But it was the most significant part of my school life then, so all I cared about was basketball when I was sec 2! Now, all will be memories, but I am thankful that basketball made its way into my life.

The paintbrush represents art. And the paintbrush depicted inside the painting is one of the brushes that I have received from my teammates as a birthday present in sec 1, so it is extremely precious to me. As for the poker card, I loved collecting all sorts of poker cards(I still do now!) and the card number, 14(which  is non-existent in a usual set of poker cards) means a lot to me! It was my basketball jersey number in sec 2! (: As for the diamond, it holds a really special meaning that dates back to primary school! It is a symbolism of friendship and you can guess the other details! (:

Picasso says that: "Painting is another way of keeping a diary". I agree. (: This is my diary(:

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