Sunday, November 3, 2013

Feelings after one year

Hello :D

Have been on hiatus for a year :/ And omg one year has passed so fast :/ Gonna post some artworks I did in last dec hols after my PW OP(: It's the last lap already. I needa jiayou and jiayouuuuuu!!! :D

Many things have happened this year and yeah, this year have had its ups and downs. But through this year, I've grown a lot, and learnt a lot of things I guess. I've also learnt who the true friends are and I'm glad that I've kept in contact with the close friends I wanna keep in contact with(: And made new friends who I can treasure :D

I didn't join AEP as I wanted to :/ But i don't think I will regret my decision to drop AEP, even after preparing a nice portfolio for the interview. I'm glad I took econs and learnt new stuff(: I'm still visiting art exhibitions and all (and got lost two times while going to Lasalle O.o first time with Jolene and the second time with Jolene and Caiwen) and I ended up treating them gelato LOL. But whatever, life's good with the epic and the fails(: Oh man, time just passes so damn fast I can't believe that we are at the end of J1 already :(

Gonna update on the main events of this year after PW has officially ended :D

gonna post photos for this year soon (:

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