Monday, October 22, 2012

first post after EOYS:D

Why am on this blog on this random day?    O.O I just spoiled my keyboard because of ants-.- long story though...

Argh getting back 4 subjects papers tmr! Crossing fingers and toes! >.< Oh yeah I need to post up my recent art but my stupid com can't read my cam's memory card! Oh well..

Hmm, sneak peek! (: Not completed though. Close to completion. But here's the progress (:

Oh and I screwed up the bird's head. I wanted to make the feathers puff up and I keep adding paint on its head and it became like this-.-Now the bird looks ROUND AND FAT >.<

Charcoal Sketch as base

First layer of paint

2nd layer
Ok then I went on a 4-5 months long break from this painting...Well, it was done in june hols and I had to go back to school so... and I finally went back to the studio again during Marking Day hols! (:
3rd layer - poor birds gained a lot of fat and feathers after I went back -.- at least the background looks nicer now(:
I just realised that my birds look like hybrids that is a cross-breed between birds and bears>.<

At least the birds are quite cute I hope? >.< They are fluffy!

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