Sunday, August 19, 2012


Browsing through my com's pictures and found this:

I made this for our sec 2 AEP SIA exhibition! My group's theme is Light.
Created this poster in photoshop. I remember that I chanced upon this tool in photoshop which can created the "light" effects and I happily used it. -.- Well, I can't exactly do photoshop(ok, I am kind of bad and inexperienced at it as I know less than 1% of the tools in photoshop) so I shall consider this attempt a good one! But I would say that this poster pales in comparison as compared to other AEP SIA groups' posters! I remember that there was one group with a very colourful poster! Oh well, the difference between a photoshop pro and a photoshop beginner. >.<

Sec 2 life brings back good memories! (:

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