Sunday, July 29, 2012

SYF Arts and Crafts Competition (:


Went to this exhibition with Xin Yu on one fine Friday. (: It was really inspiring to see fellow young artists creating such beautiful works! Haha, after the exhibition, I felt the great need to improve myself as an artist! :O There were too many quality works over there!

I shall post the photographs of my favourite works here. Well, there are many other dazzling works, but these are the ones that I really like! So please enjoy! (:

This was one of the first works that we saw. The image was drawn using fine black pen and each tiny stroke was applied very very carefully! I admire the artist's patience and this is one of my favourite works in the show! (: It is just...too awesome for words.
This is an assemblage of different coloured  stationery. They are grouped according to colour so as to form colours of the rainbow! (: I think that the artist has effectively enhanced the importance of our everyday stationery through this work and I like the different textures created by different pens and pencils!
                                                                       A close-up look!

There is a nice sense of balance in colour and tone in this work and I think that it looks like an underwater cave! (: I like the composition and the colours used. The dark tones of the painting bring out the light source!

This is another piece of work which I like very much! It is an installation, showing a cluttered room. But there is more than what meets the eye. Well, if you take a closer look, you can see various insects(sculpture) on the table and the arrangement of objcts give the "room" a very antique look. Beautiful warm tones here.
                                     It really looks like a scholar/adventurer's table!

A colourful piece of work by our very own Nanyang senior! I admire people who do computer graphics(because I cannot do them ><). The bright colours really contribute to the liveliness of this work!

I love this work! It is an illustration book(I am going crazy over cute illustration books lately) featuring a cute white dog! Although I don't exactly love animals a lot, but this the dog is too cute! XD It shows what the dog does during different times of the day, and the last page shows it getting hugged by its owner(the artist herself) at 5.13pm, which is the time when she arrives home. So sweet ~~

                          Typical everyday scene in the MRT. Very realistic depiction of forms!

I like the concept behind this work! It is like colouring the paper fishes, and giving them life. This work shows that art(represented by the oil paints at the top) can work wonders, and I agree!

PHOTOREALISM!!!! O.O It is so realistic that it looks like a photo!!! How does someone paint like that?!?
 Even such small details such as the water droplets on the drink are captured. I seriously need to brush up on my oil painting skills! >.<

A nice installation. But both Xin Yu and I don't get the message behind it. :/

 PHOTOREALISM AGAIN!!! O.O Everyone who looks at this will think that it is a photo...

 A nice illustration piece which is double sided! It contains black and white drawings on one side and coloured ones on the other! The artist has a cute cartoonish style!

The other coloured side(:

Xin Yu says that the artist's style is similar to Kimberley's, but I think that it looks like the style of a tattoo artist. :/

Cute illustration book again! I really love the graphics! They are so child like and this book proves that simplicity works wonders!

Very realistic work again. Everyone's so talented. O.OWell, it kind of depicts the state that we are in - tired, tired and tired.

I do not get what the work means, but the texture is soooooo rich!!!!! It pops out of a canvas! By closer inspection, I have concluded that the red part is moulded using plaster!

 Nice illustrations!

The Jotter Book work! This work is created using many Jotter books and the artist draws this face on the Jotter books!
 Upon closer inspection, we can see that the face is made up of numbers! So meticulous!! I really admire this artist for his/her patience.
 Upon pressing the button, the Jotter books flip open to reveal their insides and together, they reveal a little girl. This is the most interactive work in the exhibition! But it only got gold... ): Why...

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