Friday, February 17, 2012


Credits to Deviantart artist buchnerartmotion. (:
These are pretty, detailed and colourful. Very collage like = I like(:

The artist's works are exploring the metamorphosis of forms and the merging of some unrelated things together. The forms are distorted in a fluid way and they are nicely juxtaposed to form one whole composition. It is like neat and messy at the same time as so many different forms are combined together.
The explosion of vibrant colours bring about a strong visual impact to the works. (: It is done in watercolour and crayons(how did he do it O.O). To me, the medium looks more like colour pencil! But oh well, the overall effect and texture is nice.

The swirly, fluid motion of the forms remind me of Dali's paintings, where forms are "melted" to give a flowing effect.

Speaking of Metamorphosis,

Dali also painted one work that has Metamorphosis in the title! (:

The Metamorphosis of Narcissus

In this artwork, Dali explores the morphing of a hand into rocks? Well, the shape and contours of the 2 main subject look similar, but the details are different. It is like comparing something original to something that is morphed. So I think Dali is exploring the idea of comparing side by side to emphasise the idea of metamorphosis. (Hope I am making sense >.< )

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